Indian cooking lessons in Tonbridge Kent

Sana MacDonald

Born and brought up in Mumbai, India, Sana followed her heart and moved to Kent in 2018!

Indian cooking lessons in Tonbridge Kent

For the love of Indian food

Sana first entered the kitchen at the age of three. Her love for Indian food led her to learn culinary secrets from her mum and grandma, and eventually start her own food blog. After moving to the UK, she continued to cook mouthwatering Indian dishes, with ingredients found in the local supermarkets. Her husband and many friends enjoy her lavish lunches and dinners.

Indian cooking lessons in Tonbridge Kent

Namaste Masala Pantry

After receiving lots of encouragement from friends and family, Masala Pantry was born. The concept is simple, learn to cook local Indian food - curries, veggie, meat and snacks, just the way Mumbaikars do, in the comfort of your own kitchen, with locally sourced, simple ingredients found in a supermarket near you. Choose what you would like to learn from the Teaching Menu and contact Sana to book in a date!

Let's start cooking!!